People have been feeling re-entry anxiety for a long time now. However, recently the pandemic has made a large number of people experience re-entry anxiety at the same time. Have you ever felt a nervous energy resuming life after being in a stressful situation?

Let me help you understand the concept of re-entry anxiety with a simple example. You heard an elevator had a free fall in your building and injured a few people. You’ve not been using the elevator for a week because they were being checked and repaired. Finally, the day all elevators are functional again, you still choose to take the stairs. That’s because of re-entry anxiety, you begin to feel the anxiety all over again.

People who injure their legs and upon healing they feel this weird anxiety when asked to walk again. People who make a huge professional mistake experience re-entry anxiety when they get back to business.

Re-entry anxiety is the fear of returning back to that stressful state of mind. It is important to overcome anxiety, if not, you can limit your growth and never grow out of that fear. Therefore, today we are going to look at some effective ways to overcome re-entry anxiety.

Shall we begin?

Effective Ways To Manage And Cope With Re-Entry Anxiety

1. Learn to live in the present: no matter how hard the past has been, a new day brings new opportunities. If you continue to live in the past, it is going to be impossible to move forward in life. Practice living in the present, let the past be where it belongs, and take advantage of what you have right now.

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2. Know what’s in your control: one really needs to understand things that one can control and recognize things that aren’t in your control. Worrying about things out of your control is just being stupid. Focus on what you can control and try to make it better.

3. Acknowledge the truth: sometimes we forget about things that ought to happen and continue worrying about them. There are a few things that aren’t in your control, they are meant to happen. Acknowledge and accept the reality, don’t try to challenge it.

4. Indulge in meaningful activities: when you have re-entry anxiety, it is really important to find meaning and things you do. Try to engage in fulfilling activities so that you feel motivated and facing your fears becomes a lot easier.

5. Take baby steps: you don’t need to conquer the world in a leap. Taking a gradual approach can help you get one thing at a time making re-entering routine life a lot easier. Take baby steps so that even when you fall it doesn’t feel like falling off a cliff.

6. Try journaling: journaling regularly can help you gather your feelings and thoughts. It can help you understand your anxiety better and identify positive alternatives to your anxious thoughts.

7. Have a worry time schedule: this is a very cool trick to not end up worrying all that long. All you have to do is schedule a time slot just for worrying about all the things in life. Once you’ve done the time you’re not allowed to worry anymore. So, whenever a troubling thought crosses your mind, you have to wait and address it only during the time of worry.

8. Stay connected with your loved ones: it can be difficult to resume life after being in a stressful situation. Getting support from your loved ones can really help you get through all the challenges. Therefore, being connected with your loved ones can really help you over re-entry anxiety.

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I hope you found this blog about re-entry anxiety helpful, interesting, and thought-provoking. Do share this blog with your friends and family so that we can all understand re-entry anxiety and know how to overcome re-entry anxiety.

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