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Since its 1999 theatrical premiere The Best Man franchise has been a beloved staple within our community. It was the talk of the town once again when the sequel, The Best Man Holiday, debuted in 2013. And now, 24 years later, under the direction of Malcolm D. Lee and featuring the original acclaimed cast aka the “Justice League of Black Hollywood.” The Best Man Final Chapters has once again ignited our conversations on what it means to be in community with friends and family. The kind of interpersonal relationships that know you well enough to tell you about yourself and hold space for you when you’ve lost who you are.

To discuss The Best Man: Final Chapters in-depth, this week, I’m in conversation with 2 more incredible members of the team, Content Director, Kamron Taylor and Content Specialist, Gorgeous West.  In our conversation we explore, how the limited series met and missed our expectations, which character dynamics we were most enthralled by and disappointed in, and how we feel knowing that these are our final moments with Quentin, Shelby, Harper, Robyn, Murch, Candace, Lance, and Jordan. This episode does contain spoilers.


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