Today is ‘Brew Monday’, also often referred to as ‘Blue Monday!’

Blue Monday is the third Monday in January and is believed to be the most depressing day of the year. However, many of us know that a calendar alone cannot determine ones mood… therefore Blue Monday is a myth.

This is where The Samaritans stepped in. They decided to use this well-known myth and change it up! They re-named the day ‘Brew Monday’ and the purpose of this day it to encourage people to sit and talk to one another about how they are feeling, things they may be struggling with, things that are going well in their lives at the moment and so on and so forth.

The idea is to help spread awareness of mental health conditions and break down the stigma around such illnesses as well as bringing attention to The Samaritans and the hard work that they do to help people in need.

So wherever you may be today, take a moment to sit back and relax, whether it is with a friend, a family member, a colleague or a stranger, and open up a conversation. Talking really can make a huge difference when you are going through a challenging time.

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