Watching the news is too stressful and depressing.

Every day, there are more reports about mass shootings. Every day there is news about the war between Ukraine and Russia. There are also the problems of inflation, coronavirus, Chinese aggression, angry debates in Congress, and mass shootings throughout the United States. The list of problems is endless. 

The accumulation of these problems is both stressful and anxiety provoking. However, there are ways we can either minimize the emotional impact these events have on everyone. One way to reduce the impact of the news on each of us is to limit the time we spend watching or reading about these news items.

There is evidence that watching the news from the far right or far left news is very upsetting for many individuals. For example, watching MSNBC, which leans towards the left wing, or Fox news which leans towards the right wing, is stressful whether you are liberal, conservative, or moderate. 

However, it could be more helpful and realistic to avoid the news altogether. Limit the time watching the news, focusing on moderate news, and listening only to brief descriptions. We know that there is news that causes stress every day. The evidence is that this stress And the depressing impact of the news. Does that happen every four years during a presidential election? It is difficult to avoid it altogether. But it’s essential to focus on giving attention to our husbands and wives, parents, friends, and children. 

Relaxation techniques are essential. Studies show that activities like meditation, yoga, and exercise are important ways of reducing stress and feeling better. There also needs time for entertainment and enjoyment outside of the news altogether. We should take care of ourselves and our loved ones and avoid news and information that we can do little or nothing. And even if we engage in political activities to influence what is essential to have time to do other things. Going to baseball or basketball, or football games is a great distraction. Playing tennis, going to the movies, and going to dinner, lunch, brunch, or breakfast is terrific. Instead of the news, watch comedies and laugh. We need distraction and not allow ourselves to be seduced by the sensationalizing of news.

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