My brand new single, ‘House on Fire,’ is now available on all major music platforms! Finally!

laurenalexhooper: Please welcome to the world, ‘House on Fire,’ a song I wrote at the height of the pandemic. I was so scared that I could barely function but putting words to those fears is what ultimately helped me move forward.

Three years later though, the meaning of the song has evolved and when I listen to it now, I think of different fears: fears of our society spinning out of control, of feeling powerless against the rich and influential, of feeling helpless.

For me, my songs have always been a space where my voice can be heard too and I hope you feel yours is as well when you listen to them.

You can find the song through the link in my bio!

Thank you always to @richardmarcmusic / @rsandersonphoto for everything you do (including the production and the cover art), @josh_fielden_sproggletstudios and Luke for the gorgeous mixing and mastering, and @icmplondon for their help in making this all happen via The Accelerator Fund. 


Click here to listen to the song!

New music has been a long time coming. I’ve wanted to release new songs pretty much since I finished releasing the Honest EP but between the pandemic, completing my Masters, and the time it takes to develop, write, record, and produce a project, it was always going to take a while. And then there was the disaster that was my medication and mental health situation over the last eighteen months, which obviously impacted my ability to create. 

Now that my brain feels a little more like my own (and hopefully will continue to do so more and more), I have multiple projects in mind. The problem is going to be choosing which one to focus on first, which will be both fun and challenging. For now, at least, that’s something for all of us to look forward to.

I hope you enjoy the song and please let me know what you think and what it makes you feel, either on here or on social media.

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