Do you feel like you’re on a dead end road and don’t know how to get off it? Maybe your ambition isn’t as strong as it once was and it’s been quite some time since you’ve done something productive. It can be difficult to motivate yourself when everything feels stagnant, but there are ways to find the spark of ambition in every situation. We’ve put together this guide which includes some helpful tips and an overview to using Bach Flower Remedies to help support emotional wellbeing – including finding your ambition or increasing enthusiasm. Embrace the power of nature and find out how to find your missing ambition without reinventing the wheel.

What is ambition and why do we need it in our lives

Ambition is the drive, desire, and passion to achieve our goals. It is an important trait because it fires us up from within and can help us stay motivated when we feel a lack of enthusiasm. Without ambition, our dreams and desires remain nothing more than pipe dreams. Having ambition will urge you to set bigger and higher goals for yourself because in life, if we don’t push harder than everyone else around us, we will not be able to succeed. Having ambition is key when striving to create a meaningful life and reach your potential.

How to find your ambition when you don’t know what it is

Developing ambition is one of the fundamental steps to attaining any goal or success you’re looking for in life. To figure out what your ambition may be, start off by reflecting on who you are now and where you want to be in the future. Think about what’s important to you, your strengths, goals and passions and determine where there’s a gap, how much effort you’re willing to put in and how much time you have available. Once armed with this knowledge, start setting ambitious objectives that will motivate and push you forward towards self-fulfilment, doing whatever necessary to accomplish them. Whether it’s personal growth or professional development aspirations, having ambition is essential for realising your true potential and ultimately attaining success.

How to keep your ambition alive when you feel lost

When feeling lost in life, it’s important to set goals and remind yourself of your future ambition. Taking small steps towards success is the key to maintaining ambition, no matter how tough times may be. Having a clear career ambition or life ambition can also help ground us when we feel uncertain or confused. Focusing on this future path can give us the courage and direction to take initiative, take risks, and make strides towards that future goal. Even if current circumstances aren’t ideal for pursuing our ambitions, keeping them in sight can help light the way forward as we strive for success.

One great way to reignite ambition is by breaking it down into small achievable tasks. Set measurable goals for yourself, such as: completing a certain project or task by the end of the week, reaching out for more career experience opportunities, or pushing yourself to learn a new skill completely outside your comfort zone. All these things will help keep the flame of your future ambition alive and well. Achieving success takes commitment and dedication but it starts with having real ambition.

What are Bach flower remedies and how can they help with ambition?

Bach flower remedies are an alternative therapy that works by using diluted extracts of flowers to treat imbalances in the mind and body. They were developed in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, and his 38 remedies work to sift out negative emotions and replace them with positive ones.

There are specific Bach flower remedies that can help people to realise and achieve future ambitions or find their purpose in life. Bach flower remedies can also reduce the stress or anxiety which inhibits ambition and facilitates a positive outlook that helps one believe in the power of their aspirations. Bach flower remedies can also help someone find the energy needed to have ambition. As well as helping to motivate towards achieving existing ambitions, they can create future opportunities by motivating action through increased resilience, purpose and self-belief.

The Top 5 Bach flower remedies that can help with ambition

Here’s a run down of a few Bach flower remedies that can help, no matter what your situation…

Wild Oat

The Wild Oat Bach flower remedy can be the perfect solution for anyone looking to find ambition, purpose and direction in life. Perhaps you feel unfulfilled, never quite sure what your path should be. Maybe you have ambition and determination but just don’t know where to funnel it in. You try new things often, but they never seem to bring the happiness and satisfaction that you are looking for. The positive potential of taking this kind of remedy is finding the right way forward; focus your energy, discover what will make you truly content and take action towards achieving it.

Wild Rose

The Wild Rose flower remedy can help people feeling lethargic and apathetic. It helps to restore motivation and purpose in life, shifting one’s attitude from passively accepting their fate to actively embracing life with enthusiasm and vitality. This remedy has the power to unlock an individual’s positive potential as they take initiative to make positive changes in their life such as pursuing passions or committing to a healthier lifestyle. If you are feeling stuck or unmotivated, maybe consider Wild Rose.


The Gentian Bach Flower Remedy is an excellent tool to help those who are feeling despondent and discouraged after experiencing a setback. If you feel down in the dumps after a failed job interview or a negative annual review, it can be difficult to develop a positive attitude moving forward. However, with Gentian, you can find your inner strength and determination again. The essence of this remedy will help to restore your optimism and give your motivation a boost so that you can get back into action and try again with a renewed sense of hope and ambition.


Gorse Bach flower remedy helps to tackle feelings of hopelessness and despair by restoring hope and strengthening faith from within so that you can believe in a better future. By clearing the mind, this natural remedy can enable you to tap into your own inner strength so that you may pursue an ambitious outlook for life. With the power of Gorse Bach Flower Remedy, one can be empowered with a higher level of optimism and the motivation to turn dreams into a reality.


If you are someone who is easily led astray from your life path, ambition, and purpose by outside forces or more dominant personalities, Walnut Bach flower remedy can help you break free from your past habits for good. This remedy works by helping you to build a wall against the influences of change that come from the outside world and gives you the strength to stay true to yourself. The positive effects of the Walnut Bach flower remedy help you to live your life according to your true nature and highest purpose so that you can fully realise your potential.

Although we have highlighted five of the Bach flower remedies that can help to increase ambition, there are plenty of other options available. For those struggling with mental health related issues such as anxiety or depression that may also be impacting ambition, some more specific remedies exist. A great resource for navigating these options is listed below where you can gain an understanding of which remedy may best suit your needs. Whether needing a general increase in ambition or looking for more specific help when it comes to emotional issues, there is likely an effective Bach flower remedy out there that can provide the boost you need. 

Bach flower remedies for anxiety

Bach flower remedies for depression

Bach flower remedies for stress 

View all 38 Bach flower remedies

The benefits of having ambition in your life

Having ambition in your life can be incredibly beneficial and should be embraced with enthusiasm. Having future ambitions and setting goals pushes people to create a future they desire, while career ambitions also provide motivation and inspiration to reach greater heights. The sense of purpose that comes with having ambition can be empowering, as it provides individuals with the guidance they need to make progress. Having ambitious goals provide people with a true sense of accomplishment when they achieve them. By embracing ambition in their own lives, individuals open themselves up to new opportunities that reap meaningful rewards both now and in the future.

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