To keep it simple, Sleep hygiene is the term used for achieving better sleep. When you pay attention to getting more undisturbed and improved sleep, it counts in sleep hygiene. Good sleep hygiene means having an environment wherein you can promote good, consistent, and uninterrupted sleep.

But sleep hygiene is not only limited to this, it is also about having a sleep schedule, pre-bed routine, and post-bad routine. All the healthy habits related to improved sleep come under good sleep hygiene.

Meanwhile, it is quite understandable that poor sleep hygiene is the opposite term for good sleep hygiene. Do you know everyone can improve their sleep hygiene according to their needs?

Good sleep hygiene can be easily maintained by harnessing positive habits to make sleep easier and wake up feeling rested. In this blog, let us see how we can improve our sleeping patterns by keeping sleep hygiene balanced.

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The Importance of Sleep Hygiene

You might have understood by now that sleep hygiene improves the quality of life which results in improved physical and mental health. But, it also helps in increasing productivity. The best part about sleep hygiene is that it is not age-oriented; anyone can seek the benefits of sleep hygiene. Research shows that the formation of good sleep hygiene is centered on a healthy life.

Crafted routines help us achieve healthy and sustainable behaviors. It also helps in the creation of positive reinforcement. On the other hand, poor sleep hygiene influences negative consequences like poor lifestyle, reduced quality of life, reduced productivity, and more.

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Interestingly, humans have the capability to maintain long-term interests and healthy habits. To maintain healthy habits, read the habit loop. Improvement in sleep hygiene does not cost you anything, additionally; it helps in reducing various mental health issues. So, if you are experiencing sleep-related mental health problems, give it a try to sleep hygiene.

Difference between Good Sleep Hygiene and Poor Sleep Hygiene

                    Good Sleep Hygiene

Poor Sleep Hygiene

●       Improves overall health

●       Impacts overall health

●       Improves quality of life

●       Reduces quality of life

●       Fights mental health issues

●       Increases the risk of mental health issues

●       Increases productivity

●       Reduces productivity

●       Helps in having better and undisturbed sleep

●       Disrupts sleeping pattern

Setting up Sleep Hygiene

Having a sleep hygiene setting is an essential part to get your body aligned with the energy you need throughout the day. Below are some tips to set up sleep hygiene:

Basics of Setting up Sleep Hygiene
Begin with fixing up your sleep and wake-up timings.

At least eight hours of sleep.

Prioritize sleep when it comes to movie binging or sleep binging.

Start slow, and move gradually towards adjustments; do not just change your sleeping pattern completely. As it may lead to consequences.

Never overdo the naps, keep them short, simple, and limited.

Following a routine for sleep hygiene
Be consistent with your routine.

Take out at least 30 minutes for winding down.

Dim your room lights

Choose colors that help you to sleep. Check top colors to bring positivity to your home.

Avoid electronic devices before 60 minutes.

Try relaxation techniques.

Do not think much; just concentrate on doing something aesthetic like reading, listening to music, and more.

Cultivating Healthy Sleep Hygiene
Get daily daylight exposure.

Always be physically active.

Exercise daily.

Avoid smoking.

Try to reduce alcohol consumption.

Cut down your caffeine intake.

Have your meals on time.

Avoid the in-bed activity habit.

Meditate or do yoga daily.

Take proper rest whenever required.

Avoid heavy food during the night.

Try light food during the night. Read this blog to check the food that helps to have good sleep.

Optimizing your bedroom with Sleep Hygiene
Take the use of a comfortable pillow and mattress.

Take use of excellent and comfortable bedding.

Set a comfy temperature

Block all the sources of light.

Use soft and light blankets or quilts.

Drown out unnecessary noise.

Try aromatherapy for sleeping instantly.

Change your clothes and get into comfy clothes.

Clean your body before jumping into bed.

Take use of nice night cream.

Get a cooling sleeping mask.

Avoid wearing ornaments or jewelry during sleep.

Take the use of a cotton bed sheet.

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I hope this blog helps you to understand everything you need to know about sleep hygiene and sleep hygiene tips. If you’re experiencing sleep-related problems along with mental health issues, consider having a consultation with a certified mental health expert. To connect with a mental health provider from BetterHelp, click here.

Comment down which sleep hygiene tip you’re going to enhance your sleeping pattern. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

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