The Importance of Psychological Safety

Mental Health UK’s survey found that while 85% of UK adults recognise burnout symptoms, 68% often mistake them for anxiety, indicating a significant awareness gap between the two.

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 4 in 5 UK employees let down by mental health support in the workplace.

A recent study involving 150 UK companies reveals a concerning trend: only 16% of UK employees are receiving the necessary mental health support in their workplaces.

Millennials Less Likely to Disclose Mental Health Concerns at Work

In a recent study by involving 2,000 UK workers, it was discovered that 57% of millennial employees feel uncomfortable discussing mental health conditions at work.

Generational divide: How remote work affects mental health across ages

Older employees are nearly twice as likely as younger workers (16-24 years old) to experience                 loneliness as a result of remote work.                                                                                                                          

Study: No reliable evidence of Mental Health First Aid’s effectiveness.

Cochrane, a charity dedicated to examining medical research for evidence-based practices, has raised concerns, stating there’s no reliable evidence supporting the effectiveness of mental health first aid.

How the UK Flexible Work Bill will drive careers and industry

A new government bill in the UK, the Flexible Work Bill, is set to bring positive changes to the working landscape, offering hope for a better work-life balance.

The Link between bullying, harassment and imposter syndrome in the workplace

A recent survey reveals that 47% of UK employees have witnessed workplace bullying or harassment, with 1 in 10 experiencing it personally.


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