“There are no miracles on Mondays.” – Amy Neftzger

We all dread the first day of the week and while it’s true that no miracles may happen on Monday (of all days!), the day isn’t that bad, or is it? The first day of the week is just the first of many to make new memories and learn from mistakes, but, unsurprisingly many fear the experience that we’ve, oh-so-lovingly termed – Monday Blues!

After an amazing and relaxing weekend, you’re back to work. This two-day break can feel like a dreaded task, and more so if you’re unhappy at your job. Many only feel mildly irritable at the start of the week, but for others, this mild irritation can trigger a bad mood for the rest of the week.

Monday blues is not an official term or diagnosis but a casual term that describes a set of symptoms that only occur during a specific day of the week. In our case, it’s Monday.

So, take a look at what causes the dreaded Monday blues, the symptoms you need to be aware of, and how you can fight Monday morning blues!

What Are Monday Blues?

Monday Blues is a widely used term that can be used to describe negative symptoms that can occur on the first day of the week. It’s not a medical term, but you can use it casually to describe your negative symptoms.

Well, even though it’s not an official term, Monday Blues is a real thing! A study from 2020, that explored the well-being of employees on Monday, states that on the dreaded first day, the majority of employees showed lower job satisfaction, higher job stress, over-worrying, agitation, and irritability.

Now, what can cause Monday Blues?

Causes Of Monday Blues

Well, if you think that Monday morning blues occur without reason and you’re wrong to feel this, you might be wrong. There are reasons why you may be feeling Monday blues;

Job Burnout: One of the major reasons why you’re feeling Monday blues could be job burnout. You are overworked and facing too many stressors that are out of control. Even if you love your job, there could be the pressure of too much work that might be causing you to feel burnout and dread Monday morning.

Cognitive Distortions: If you are thinking negatively about your job or your work routine then it could also be a reason, you’re feeling Monday blues. Cognitive distortions can include catastrophic thinking, over-generalizing, black-and-white thinking, all-or-nothing thinking, and more.

Poor Weekend Routine: Yes, your weekend routine could also be a reason for your Monday blues. Here’s an example; if you have a sleep debt and you catch up on your sleep during the weekend. However, if your sleeping routine is different from your regular weekday routine, it could throw your internal clock in disarray, making you more tired and irritable the following day.

If you’re spending your weekend partying where you drink alcohol, then the hangover from that could also affect your mood come Monday.

Symptoms Of Monday Blues

Be aware of these Monday blues symptoms!





Feeling agitated or annoyed


Feeling dread

Changes in appetite

Trouble sleeping

Muscle tension


Some of these symptoms could also overlap those of adjustment disorder, depression, and anxiety. If these symptoms persist beyond Monday and last for more than two weeks (Monday not counting), then it is recommended that you speak with a professional counselor for a diagnosis.

Monday blues is not an official diagnosis so there is no specific treatment available, but if your symptoms are severe then you can seek psychotherapy to overcome the symptoms. CBT can help you identify negative thinking patterns and help reframe them into positive ones. You can also find interpersonal psychotherapy helpful.

Here are 5 effective ways to beat Monday blues!

How To Beat Monday Blues?

Mondays can be hard to get by and if your Monday blues are hitting hard, then you can try these 5 simple and effective ways to beat those Monday morning blues;


Try to spend a few minutes writing in a journal about your anxiety and worries you have about the week. This practice can help you put things in perspective and find ways you can work on those worries. You can also write some actions you can take to get by during the week.


If your anxious thoughts begin to feel overwhelming, then meditation can be an effective way to calm yourself down and quiet these thoughts. You can give yourself a few minutes or an hour on Sunday evenings to meditate on your thoughts and prepare yourself for the coming week.


For many people, exercise can be a good way to burn off excess energy and stress. So you can schedule an exercise session for Monday morning and give yourself a few minutes to burn off the bad mood. Exercising regularly can also help you reduce your anxiety symptoms, and depression symptoms, and increase positivity.

4.Do Something Fun

Instead of socializing your weekend away, try to schedule something fun for the end of the week or Monday. You can take a quick lunch date with a partner or friend or go for a mid-afternoon coffee with a coworker. Just make sure you give yourself some time and space to adjust to a new work week.

5.Talk To Someone

If you’re experiencing intense Monday blues symptoms such as excessive sadness, irritability, frustration, lack of motivation, and worrying, then it could be a good idea to talk to someone. Either a friend or a professional counselor can help. Monday blues can be severe enough to disrupt your daily life and functioning.

Mondays Can Be Fun…

When you’re prepared for it! It could be hard to balance your work schedule with other engagements and it can only take one case of Monday blues to tip the balance off. While Monday can be the most stressful time of the week, you can learn to beat Monday blues with the effective ways mentioned in this article.

Mondays don’t have to be dreadful anymore. All you need to do is acknowledge your negative feelings, prepare a good weekend with activities to help clear your negative thoughts, and be ready with a good pill of positivity to tackle the dreaded day of the week.

I hope this article will help you find the best way for you to beat Monday morning blues effectively! For more, you can write to us at info@calmsage.com or DM us on social media. You can also share your tips and tricks to fight the Monday blues in the comments below!

Take care! Stay safe!

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