Music has been proven to help with your mental health and overall health. Singing, songwriting, listening to music and playing an instrument are all things that you can do deal with your mental health.

Ways Music helps:

Connects you with your feelings

Gives you a way to express yourself

Boosts your mood

Makes you dance

Forms a community

Helps you feel your feelings

Increases dopamine to help with stress, depression, and anxiety

Helps to figure out who you are

Helps with memory

Challenges your mind

Helps to heal from trauma

Makes you know others feel the way you do helping with loneliness

Musicians raise awareness about mental health

Helps with relationships

Helps you to sleep

Lyrics can help you work thru things

Lyrics can touch you in a way to make you feel a certain way forcing you to deal with something that is bothering you.

Aids in self-expression

Improve motivation

DIstraction from the world and your problems

Shifts your mood

Engages your brain

Improves cognitive performance

Other benefits:

Manage pain

Make you eat less ( slow music)

Lower blood pressure

Improve endurance

Improve performance

Keeps your brain young

Improves Immune Fumctioning

Improves motor skills

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