I am a different person than I was three years ago when I wrote my book. To be honest, I am a different person from one day ago.

Some words in the book I don’t necessarily believe anymore, but I hold space for them and the person I was in that time.

Success with a mental illness for me, might be different than success for someone else. And who am I to tell another person, what success looks like in their recovery journey.

Writing my book was deeply therapeutic for me.

And when I wrote the book, I wasn’t fully healed. Though I know I will never be fully healed, I feel I am in a better place and space than that time.

I am continually learning every day. And hold true to always trying to be a better person.

My thoughts and feelings about certain subjects change every moment. And as we know, everything in the universe is in constant change. I believe our thoughts hold true to this.

Do I believe everyone can recover? I am not sure.

Do I hope everyone can live a manageable life with a mental illness? Yes.

I don’t truly know what a successful recovery path is for someone else. That’s for them to decide. Not me.

Do I believe in body positivity and being fit and healthy at the same time? I do.

This one I struggle with, especially because we disservice ourselves by always worrying about our bodies. I hold space for both theories to be true.

I forgot in my book to mention I was a competitive dancer. That dream died with my illness. But has come back to life with yoga. For which, I am deeply grateful.

I now focus my life on well-being. Living a true, authentic and well life. Hoping to inspire those around me, but also to share my struggles, knowing my imperfections and flaws make me just as beautiful compared to those days where I don’t always smile. 

My hope, in the mental health world, is to actually see real change in my lifetime.

I want to be here for it. I want to see it. I think we all want to see it.

And all in all, I give grace to the person I was when I wrote my book, grace to the person I am now and grace to the person I am becoming.

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