I was asked what my goals are for 2023! Here is what I hope to kick off the new year with.

1: Achieving Gree Prajaet

I want to achieve my green prajaet in Muay Thai. Last year I couldn’t get the whip kick right, so this year I hope to be second time lucky. I need to train at least 4 times a week which I never did towards the end of the year.

2: Dusting off the ring rust

Getting in the ring again is something that excites me. I went in the ring last year but didn’t put on the best display for an interclub where I was sparring with someone much heavier than myself. I need to lose weight to be guaranteed a match as it’s matched by weight.

3: Lose weight

By losing weight I will be quicker and fitter when it comes to Muay Thai and running. I’m rejoining the gym next week and I will be going to the gym and swimming at least 3 times per week as well as dog walking and training in Muay Thai at least 4 times a week. I tried losing weight last year but lost a few pounds and ended up somehow despite all the exercise I do putting it back on again. I need to seriously look at my diet or a personal trainer if unsuccessful this year.

4: Gain my Google Analytics qualification

I recently passed the beginners certificate and will be completing and passing my Google exams, This is also the year when Google Analytics changes over to GA4 so lots of new learning to do workwise. This is something I looked into years ago and for some reason never completed it.

Let us know what your goals for 2023 are in the comments below!

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