Over the weekend of January 26, youth with OCD and their families gathered for the Online OCD Camp, an annual event which brings education and support to this special community. The weekend would not have been possible without the amazing group of volunteers that dedicates their time to making this event a success. 

Today, we hear from the volunteers about their Camp experience!

What was your Online OCD Camp experience like?

It was beyond wonderful. Just seeing the kids grow and gain more and more confidence to manage OCD before my eyes was wonderful, especially as a therapist to see how this camp immediately helps the kids. — Debbie Kolbrener, Camp Volunteer

I had a blast meeting campers and volunteers from all over the world! It was a full day of dropping into all kinds of fun activities, meaningful connections and conversations, and learning. It felt special to see and interact with so many kind and thoughtful folks coming together in the shared experience of living with OCD. — Mack Sushchyk, Camp Volunteer

What did it mean to you to be a part of Camp?

To see the kids utilize the strategies and be excited to use the skills was also just as exciting to me. – Debbie Kolbrener, Camp Volunteer

It meant showing up to be in a caring community and connection with others living with OCD. It was so meaningful to share that space with youth in particular. Having the opportunity to hold and witness campers’ OCD experiences and hear that they felt less alone and more resilient and empowered after attending camp was impactful! I wanted to be an adult who could show up and be a part of the support that I would have benefited from when I was younger. — Mack Sushchyk, Camp Volunteer

What are your hopes for campers coming out of this weekend?

To feel that they have support and understand ways to manage their OCD and gain hope that they CAN beat OCD. — Debbie Kolbrener, Camp Volunteer

My hope for campers coming out of the weekend is that they feel better equipped to navigate their OCD journeys and motivated by the collective care and support echoed by other campers, volunteers, and presenters. I hope they left feeling resourced through many moments of fun, learning, and connection. — Mack Sushchyk, Camp Volunteer

Alessandra Rizzotti, a Camp Volunteer, had this to say about her Online OCD Camp experience: 

“Camp showed me as a therapist that ERP could be fun and engaging. It made me feel more empowered to work with kids and parents. Seeing young children understand OCD because of camp is so heartwarming. 

As someone who struggled all my life with perfectionism and fear of failing as well as fear of being a bad person, I felt so empowered leaving Camp knowing that youth wouldn’t have to go through what I did. 

I sent a playlist we all created to my Members at NOCD and they all loved it and were inspired. Camp has a trickle-down effect!”

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