Polyamory or polyamorous relationships are those where one individual is involved in many romantic relationships simultaneously. Now, that individual is not cheating on anyone because in polyamory each one is aware of all the other romantic partners.

Polyamory is rare but there are many who enjoy their polyamorous relationships. It is said that people in a polyamorous relationship are not very possessive about their partners. They are more need-based and do not function emotionally.

I don’t mean they are emotionally absent or do not value emotions. These people have been able to strike a balance between their needs & wants and do not succumb to social norms. They have their own set of rules and follow their heart no matter what.

Let’s explore polyamory and understand polyamorous relationships better…

What Does Polyamorous Mean?

Polyamory is a philosophy that talks about an honest and non-possessive relationship one share with multiple partners without hiding the information from any of their romantic partners. A polyamorous relationship is being in a romantic relationship with multiple partners at the same time.

However, polyamorous relationships are not very common around the world but in some cultures and communities, it is being practiced and accepted. Polyamorous relationships can be seen in men as well as women. In some cases, there is a primary party and the rest are secondary partners. The nature of these relationships is completely dependent on need whether it’s emotional, sexual, or romantic.

Polygamy: where a man shares romantic relationships with multiple women

Polyandry: where a woman shares romantic relationships with multiple men

Polygamy is more popular than polyandry. Men having polyamorous relationships is much more common than a woman but as times are changing women have begun having such relationships.

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Types Of Polyamorous Relationships

Since polyamorous relationships can have all different kinds of equations, it’s better to understand them by exploring the different types of poly relationships. If you are planning to get into a poly relationship, you need to be completely informed and know what to expect.

Let’s look at the different types of polyamorous relationships;

1. Triad: a triad or throuple is when 3 individuals are involved in an open and intimate relationship. It is not necessary for all of them to date each other, however, one of them has to be involved with the other two.

2. Quad: a quad is when 4 individuals are involved, it usually happens when two poly couples meet each other. It is possible for all four to be in a relationship with one another or one of them can be involved with one partner from the other couple.

3. Polycule: it refers to a huge network of polyamorous couples. It can include all individuals’ primary partners and secondary partners and the primary partners of your secondary partners and so on.

4. Kitchen Table Polyamory: this is when polyamorous relationships are formed between people who know each other. It is named kitchen table polyamory because such couples share a bond where they often have meals together.

5. Parallel Polyamory: it is when you know of the other partners but does not really interact with them or have a connection with each other.

6. Solo Polyamory: it is referred to those polyamorous relationships where individuals do not wish to share their lives with their partners. Their relationship is away from the rest of their life.

Polyamorous Relationships & Mental Health: Are They Healthy?

Having a polyamorous relationship is not unhealthy. It can definitely be healthy provided you and your partners set proper boundaries and follow them. However, like all relationships, there can be some relationship issues that can build distress between you can your partners.

We are all humans and feeling jealous is a very common emotion that we can all feel. In polyamorous relationships, jealousy can cause a lot of unrest. Polyamorous relationships can face all the relationship issues that a monogamous relationship faces.

However, there can be some added pressure since they are dealing with multiple partners. They face different challenges like time and energy constraints along with jealousy. Trying to manage relationships with multiple partners with the limited time you have can be extremely stressful and affect your mental health.

Here are a few things that you can do to manage the stress and take care of your mental health;

Set boundaries with all your partners and make sure you all adhere to those boundaries and limits

Have your priorities straight and always keep some time off for yourself

Self-care is very important, make sure you pay attention to what your mind and body need and give them that

Never indulge in comparison or share too much information about your partners with each other. This will reduce the risk of jealousy

Always be honest with yourself and all your partners

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog about polyamory and polyamorous relationships interesting, helpful and informative. It’s important to know about polyamory before you choose to get into a polyamorous relationship.

Do share this blog with your friends and family so that we can all be aware of the polyamorous relationship and what should one expect when one gets into a poly relationship.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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