Ageism is discrimination against people based on their age. It can take many forms, such as treating older people as less capable or less valuable than younger people or assuming they have dementia.

It is seen in the workplace in the attitude of many people towards older people. It leads to stereotypes, reduced opportunities, and a lack of respect for older people. Recognizing and addressing ageism and promoting fairness and equality for older people is essential.

President Biden is 80, and Some people have stated a constitutional crisis will occur if Biden is reelected and dies in office. I seem to remember the tragic murder of President John F. Kennedy, a young president. That is when President Lyndon Johnson was sworn into office, and the nation continued to function. And I seem to remember when Franklin D. Roosevelt died, Harry Truman became President, and the country survived.

Death is another stereotype. I will always remember the postgraduate psychology case presentation class in which I took part. The professor was a famous person and over 90 years old. A student presented a case of an individual who was an older person. When the person who provided the case stated death as an issue, the professor asked, “Well, who is dying?” All of us were stunned into silence. The professor lived to 100.

For me, ageism is a personal issue. I’m 80 years old and continue to work and write my articles. I am not confused or forgetful. No one has suggested that I stop working because of my age.

Ageism is defined as prejudice or discrimination against individuals based on age. It is as prejudicial as racism or stereotyping of other ethnicities and religions. It is a societal issue affecting individuals across various fields, including politics.

With President Biden, concerns about his age have been raised by some critics who argue that he may not possess the mental acuity or physical stamina required for the demanding role of the presidency. However, it is crucial to recognize that age alone should not be the sole determinant of a leader’s capabilities.

President Biden’s extensive political experience, including his time as a senator and Vice President under the Obama administration, demonstrates his depth of knowledge and understanding of governance.
Considering that age can bring valuable wisdom and experience to leadership positions is essential.

President Biden’s life experiences and political career spanned several decades, enabling him to provide insights and perspectives shaped by his long-standing political involvement. Whether you agree with his politics, he has shown his ability to navigate complex issues and develop effective strategies for addressing national concerns.

With President Biden or any older person in any profession, it is essential to evaluate their performance and decision-making ability based on concrete evidence rather than assuming limitations because of his age.

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