This is the very first book of the series and it certainly grabbed my attention! I was instantly drawn in by the layout/structure of this book, I love the way that the author, Tahereh Mafi, uses line striking to show the thought process of the main character. For example, the character will think something, this will then be crossed out, she will then say something completely different. It is an interesting way of showing how the character pieces things together and where her thoughts may often take her. I feel this strongly shows the characters mental health.

The book follows Juliette, a teenager with a lethal power that she can’t control. She has been locked away for murder by The Reestablishment for 264 days. No one knows why her touch is lethal… and no one seems to care, providing that it doesn’t happen again. People are too busy watching the world fall apart around them; diseases destroying the population, food becoming harder to find, birds no longer taking flight… and the clouds seem to be the wrong colour. 

With survivors planning war, The Reestablishment change their mind… maybe Juliette is more than a tortured soul in a poisonous body… maybe she can become useful after all. 

This was a very exciting, adventurous read with a hint of romance in between the explosive scenes! I have never read a series before and I have to say, I am much looking forward to reading the rest of these books!

5* Read

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