You might be thinking “what are Sunday scaries?” Or maybe Sunday scaries might sound like something related to spookiness or some name taken from a children’s book. But, don’t let this name fool you, Sunday scaries are related to the feeling of doom that begins on Sunday evening right before we’re about to start another work week.

Yes, I am talking about that evening when you suddenly start feeling miserable because it starts sucking the remaining fun out of your happy weekend.

To put it in a nutshell, Sunday scaries mean…

Sunday scaries are a type of anticipatory anxiety. According to psychology, Sunday scaries include anxiety and nervousness related to something that is going to happen or has not happened yet i.e., the coming work week!

In this blog, let us uncover the basics of Sunday scaries and ways to deal with Sunday scaries. First, let us begin with the common signs and symptoms of Sunday scaries…

Symptoms of Sunday Scaries



Sense of unease

Regardless of the name, Sunday scaries can enter our life any day of the week. It totally depends on your schedule. If you have off during weekdays and work during the weekend then probably, they can show up during weekdays as well. Scroll down to the blog for some best and most effective ways to prevent the stress and anxiety caused by Sunday scaries.

Ways to Beat Sunday Scaries

Here are some effective ways to get rid of the Sunday scaries…

1. Understanding that it is common

This feeling is very common among the young generation. However, this will never fix the problem, but understand that plenty of people worldwide feel this way whenever weekends wind down. Therefore, understand that you’re not alone!

2. Narrowing the cause

Sometimes, tracing such feelings will help you to beat these blues. In simple words, identification of the causes will help you in finding ways for controlling such feelings. If in case, your days are getting busier. You can do something different than your usual routine like

Doing well enough at work

Running errands




Taking out time for hobbies

Getting proper sleep

3. Brainstorming strategies

We should stop getting anxious over things that we cannot control. Instead, we should start looking at resolving problems. Additionally, always remember that maintaining work-life equilibrium is also necessary. Therefore, start brainstorming strategies whenever you start feeling anxious about work days.

You can also quickly divide the number of things into three categories:

Things to do

Things someone can support or help you with

Things that can wait.

In this way, you can remind yourself without feeling anxious. And whenever the work gets sorted, do not forget to enjoy the remaining time. Trust me, it is one of the best ways to get rid of Sunday scaries.

4. Practicing self-compassion

I know you had big plans for this weekend that you couldn’t complete due to a shortage of time. Therefore, do not stress over this part and try to ignore the things that you could not finish on time. Moreover, focus on the things that you can still do.

Like, if you planned to sleep, go for it…if you planned to meet up with your friends, call them! Simply, do not panic, take over things slowly.

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5. Considering some facts

Like, we say do not take too much on your plate. Similarly, do not overbook your weekends so that it becomes hard for you to even think about getting proper rest.

Keep your weekend simple, meet your friends, call your family for lunch, go to a movie, and do whatever you want. Just don’t overbook your Sunday. From now onwards, consider scheduling your day before you start weekend-ing.

6. Making life more exciting

Sometimes, doing the same thing every weekend brings life in a sort of auto-pilot mode which is absolutely not a great thing. Therefore, keep on making your life exciting by planning something unique every weekend. Try these tips below to make your weekend more exciting:

Do the chores first.

Take out time for activities

Treat yourself

Log off from digital devices

Make Monday exciting by calling your friend or partner during work

7. Considering some rearrangements

The fact is you probably cannot do everything on your weekend, something will always be missed. However, if you’re overloading your Sundays with too many tasks, activities, or chores then you must consider making some changes in your schedule so that you can enjoy your weekend more mindfully and optimistically.

Similarly, do not overload your Mondays with so many tasks; divide your tasks into three sections as explained above.

8. Talking to a therapist

It is totally common to feel this way. However, Sunday scaries can sometimes be a sign of something deep related to mental health. Therefore, try to seek help from a therapist and identify the causes behind your anxiety and your stress.

If you’re struggling with your usual work or relationships, consider getting in touch with a certified therapist. To connect with a certified mental health provider from BetterHelp, click here.

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I hope this blog helps you to fight Sunday scaries. Comment down and share how you are going to beat your Sunday scaries. For more such inspiring content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading.

Sending positive vibes to you! ☺

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