Sleep is probably the most important factor in our overall well-being. Sleep impacts our physical health, mental health, and the quality of our lives. Yet, many of us struggle to get a restful night’s sleep. Now, I find it hard to sleep restfully through the night. For me, once I’m in bed, ready to snooze, my mind begins working overtime, and I can confidently say goodbye to 8 hours of sleep.

Now, I sleep alone, and I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of unrest sleep I’d get if I shared the bed with my partner. Enters; The Scandinavian Sleep Method. This sleep method, also known as a 2-duvet method, is a sleep technique wherein you and your partner sleep in the same bed, but each has their own duvet or comforter.

If you live with a partner or a spouse, then it’s presumed that you’d share a duvet because you share a bed, right? In an ideal situation, this sharing of bed and duvet sounds intimate – even cuddly – but, in reality, it could result in a middle-of-the-night tug-of-war and waking up feeling cold because your partner hoards the sheets as a dragon hoards their treasures.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t share a bed with your loved one; It’s just how it is. Here, the Scandinavian sleep method comes as a savior – of your comforter and relationship.

But what is the Scandinavian Sleep Method? This method came from social media where a Swedish influencer, Cecilia Blomdahl talked about how partners sleeping in the same bed can benefit from having their own duvets instead of a double bed comforter. This sleep method urges partners sharing a bed to ditch sharing a comforter and get a single one for each.

Intrigued enough? Keep reading to learn the Nordic secret of restful sleep!

The Scandinavian Sleep Method Benefits

The Scandinavian sleep method benefits are many; from having complete freedom over their choice of bedding to maximizing the sleep environment. Here are more benefits of this sleep method;

1. You can Regulate Your Body Temperature

When you share the bed and the comforter with your partner, you share their body heat too. This can disrupt your body temperature. Having a single duvet for each partner can help you regulate your body temperature as you need. Your body temperature might differ from your partner’s.

To get higher quality sleep, your body temperature should be in sync with your partner’s and this is normally not possible. Without an ideal body temperature, your sleep may get regularly interrupted, impacting your sleep quality.

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 2. You Get to Personalize Your Sleep Environment

Say, for example, you run cold, and your partner runs hot. In such a case, you can seek out bedding and even an environment where it suits your needs without compromising on something that would be uncomfortable for you both.

Your partner might want a thinner duvet or sheet, while you would desire a heavier one. The Scandinavian sleep method allows you to personalize your preference.

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3. You Don’t Get Distraction-Free Sleep

You might not be in the habit of waking up in the middle of the night, but your partner might. With the Scandinavian sleep method, you can be assured of distraction-free sleep even if your partner stays restless. There is less disturbance when your partner turns and tosses in their sleep or gets up to go to the bathroom.

Another thing could be your partner’s sleep schedule. Say, you get to sleep hours before your partner does, but when they do come to bed, they end up accidentally waking you up as they’re getting in the duvet. This can also disrupt your sleep. Having separate duvets can ensure that you or your partner are not disturbed by each other’s wake-sleep cycle.

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4. You Still Get The Experience of Co-Sleeping

Now, there have been studies saying that some people get better sleep when they don’t sleep with a partner and some say that they get better sleep when they are with their partner. In any relationship, sharing the bed and sleeping together is an intimate experience. With the Scandinavian sleep method, you get the benefits of co-sleeping without compromising your sleep quality.

In studies, it has been reported that sleeping with a partner reduces stress and improves sleep. Cuddling with a partner also activates your neurotransmitters, especially oxytocin. So, all in all, you get the experience of cuddling with your partner without compromising your sleep!

The Disadvantages of This Sleep Method

However, with the benefits, there are some disadvantages as well to the Scandinavian sleep method. Here are some potential cons of practicing this Nordic sleep method;

1. You Can’t Exactly Cuddle

Sleeping in separate duvets can limit your cuddling sleep positions. You can’t exactly spoon your partner or be the little spoon.

2. You Can’t Sleep on a Small Bed

Having two duvets can also not be feasible if you have a small bed, as many duvets are designed to hang over the edges a little. To fix this, you might have to invest in a king-size bed or get smaller duvets.

How to Get Started?

If you’re ready to try this Scandinavian Sleep Method, then here are some tips to help you get started;

1. Find The Right Duvet: To start, you need to find the right-sized duvet. Make sure that each duvet covers at least half the bed. You can also personalize the duvet. For example; One partner might get a heavy comforter while the other might get a thinner, more breathable one.

2. Place Them on The Bed: Once your duvets are decided, you can place them on the bed side-by-side. If your duvets are larger, then you can also overlap them slightly.

3. Get Sleeping! Once your duvets are respectively placed, all you need to do is get in them. If you feel the need to add a top sheet over the duvet, you can do so now or forgo that and just lie, ready to slip into La-La Land!

Wrap Up…

Sleep issues are normal between couples too, but if your sleep issues persist even after changing your sleep positions or sleep environment, then it could be more than just a simple sleep issue. If sleep is affecting your day-to-day life too and causing issues in your relationship, then speak to a professional for help. If it’s a sleep problem like insomnia, then speaking to a sleep specialist might help.

I hope this blog can help you understand what the Scandinavian Sleep Method is and how this Nordic sleep technique can help you and your partner sleep well. Let me know your thoughts on this article in the comments section below.

Take Care and Sleep Well!

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