Thursdays with NAMI: What is anosognosia?

Thursday, March 2, 7:00pm

When Sarah Ryan began experiencing psychosis, her symptoms took hold instantly; her self-awareness and critical thinking would vanish. Suddenly, she could not distinguish between real life and the false reality created by her schizophrenia.

“I fully absorbed a new narrative,” she wrote for NAMI’s blog. “I was unable to understand that my recollection of events was false. I could not identify that I was ill.”

The lack of insight that sometimes comes with mental illness is called anosognosia.

“It left me incredibly vulnerable. Without my ability to comprehend reality or reason, I stopped making appropriate choices. I could no longer protect myself, and others could not properly understand me.”

Sarah is a writer covering mental illness topics like stigma, recovery, and hope. She is an ongoing NAMI Wake County blog contributor and NAMI Connection support group facilitator. She is also a wife, mother, and proud owner of two Pitbull rescues.

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