Bron and Dr Aaron Frost discuss the importance of deliberate practice in the development of psychologists. They highlight that psychologists can reliably improve their skills by collecting client data and working on the areas that are difficult (like client retention), instead of learning therapy after therapy. We talk about ? What role plays should look like ?? Why step-by-step improvement is the goal to therapist skill development ?? How to find a deliberate practice supervisor.

Guest: Dr Aaron Frost, Director of Benchmark Psychology / Program Lead for the Psychology Registrar Endorsement Program (PREP).


Psychology Registrar Endorsement Program

Aaron’s psychology practice – Benchmark Psychology

Psychology Supervisor Training and Approval Program

Book co-authored by Aaron: “Creating Impact: the four pillars of private psychology practice”

Better Results: Using Deliberate Practice to Improve Therapeutic Effectiveness (This is a great intro to deliberate practice!)


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