Have you ever dealt with a manipulative person? Manipulators are very clever people who use their knowledge about the emotions of the other person and empathy for their personal gain. We often get manipulated by such people without even knowing it.

So many people have been living with manipulative people all their lives not realizing how each of their actions is an outcome of manipulation by someone else. Even when people identify manipulation, they do not know how to ignore a manipulator or how to talk to a manipulator.

Manipulative people can lie so convincingly that recognizing when they are being genuine and when they are faking can be very tricky. Today we are going to talk about what happens when you ignore a manipulator and how you can talk to a manipulator.

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Who Is A Manipulative Person?

A manipulative person is someone who can distort the truth or lie about something very convincingly just so that they can get their way. These people take advantage of others’ vulnerabilities and manipulate them to do what they want.

A manipulative person can be an empathetic person but they use this ability to understand others’ emotions only so that they can use the information to manipulate them later. A manipulator never misses a chance to take advantage of other people.

These people are so sharp and smart that decoding their moves can be very difficult. You can be married to a manipulator without realizing how you have been manipulated all your life. It’s important to understand manipulative tactics so that you don’t get emotionally abused by someone you love and care about.

Common Tactics Of A Manipulator

As we discussed earlier, manipulative people are very clever and can easily distort reality and make you develop false beliefs. If you want to outsmart a manipulator you need to understand the common tactics of a manipulator.

Once you know their moves, it becomes easy to disarm them. Let’s look at some common tactics used by manipulative people so that next time you don’t fall into their trap so easily;

They use gaslighting to manipulate their partners and other people around them

They are often seen encouraging triangulation with each one manipulated in the name of a third person

You can see a manipulative person project their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs onto other people

Manipulators have a habit of controlling other people’s life by manipulating their thoughts and actions

They are also seen engaging in tactics like love bombing, name-calling, and using reverse psychology to manipulate other

What Happens When You Ignore A Manipulator?

Ignoring a manipulator is known to be one of the most powerful tools to disarm a manipulative person. Do you know why? What happens when you ignore a manipulator? Why is ignoring a manipulator so effective in making them leave you alone?

Well, a simple answer to this question is that a manipulator will manipulate you only till the time you respond the way they have anticipated it. It gets boring for manipulators if we don’t react the way they had expected us to.

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Manipulating a person to get a desired response gives them a high that nothing else does. It’s like a brain-teasing game for them which they are addicted to. When you ignore a manipulator, you stop responding the way they want you to.

You soon become a boring subject for them and they are most likely to shift their target. Ignoring a manipulator is a way you can manipulate your manipulator into believing that their tactics are failing.

Now, however powerful a tool that a manipulator may be, it can sometimes backfire too. If your manipulator realizes that you’re bluffing them, they’ll take it as a challenge and try new ways to emotionally abuse and manipulate you.

Therefore, it’s important to always be honest with yourself and the people around you. If your significant other is manipulating you all the time, you should take a stand for yourself and walk out of a manipulative relationship if need be.

How To Talk To A Manipulator?

Manipulators can trick you into admitting to things you’ve never done and doing things you never thought of doing. You can ignore a manipulator but sometimes it’s just impossible to do so. You should know how to talk to a manipulator so that you don’t trigger their aggressive side and also not give in to their manipulation.

Here are a few things you can keep in mind while talking to a manipulator;

Try not to accept any favors from a manipulative person, they will always use them later to get things done for them

If they manipulate you into doing something, make sure you ask them to do something in return for you too

Always use their name while talking to them so that they don’t generalize your statement later

Always look them in the eye while talking to them, they will feel intimidated and might stop manipulating you

Whenever they generalize something about you, always ask them to give examples

If they ignore your refusal, repeat it until they understand that you won’t be doing anything for them

Make sure you keep a safe distance from manipulative people and always find a distraction when they approach you

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