Were you ever in a situation where you felt a sense of threat when you were at a certain place? You felt like you can’t trust anyone and were on your toes the entire time. Well, when it happens sometimes, it’s alright but imagine feeling like everyone is out to get you all the time.

There are some people for whom it’s too hard to trust anyone, they are always paranoid about how other people have hidden agendas behind everything they do. It is hard for these people to really put their guard down.

Today we are going to address this issue. “Why do I feel like everyone is out to get me”  If you think about something like this a lot, we have some answers for you. Read on to find out why you might feel like everyone is out there to get you…

Why Do I Feel Like Everyone Is Out To Get Me?

Believe it or not, many of us feel just like you. You’re not alone, many of us feel like we’re pitted unfairly against the world. Some of our troubling experiences can strengthen such thoughts and make things even worse.

When you constantly doubt people’s intentions and are thinking about how people are conspiring to sabotage your life, it starts affecting your mental peace. Being careful is not at all bad but being over-careful and overwhelmed all the time is not right.

Do you want to know why that might happen to you?

Here are some reasons why you feel like everyone is out to get you;

1.Low Self-Esteem

There are a lot of reasons that can make you feel like the entire world is out there to get you. Low self-esteem is one of the major reasons to develop such thoughts. These feelings can stem from a lot of emotions that accompany low self-esteem like confidence issues, insecurities, etc.

With all these issues it becomes very difficult to have a positive attitude toward life. Your insecurities overpower your thoughts so much that even having a conversation with someone becomes difficult.

The fact that you are infested with so many insecurities and self-doubt, trusting someone does not come very easy. With low self-esteem, your perception of the world is so wrecked that feeling like everyone is out there to get it is quite possible.

2.Experiences from the past

What has happened in your life and all the experiences that you’ve had in your childhood can impact your adult life. Feeling like everyone is out there to get you can be a manifestation of all the traumatic or painful experiences that you’ve faced as a child.

Those individuals who have lived in a traumatic environment or during their growing age faced extreme hardships, are most likely to see the world differently. You put a shield around you and you use a filter to see the world.

Unfortunately, that filter is based on the experiences you’ve had in the past. Trusting people is very difficult for such people, therefore, feeling like someone is out there to get you are very likely.

3.Unstable mental/physical health

When you are dealing with a lot of physical or mental trouble, your thought process is somehow dented. You begin thinking in one direction because the comfort that a fit person has is snatched from you.

There are a lot of mental health conditions where your thoughts are disoriented or disturbed like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, etc. With such a mental state, having thoughts like “everyone is out there to get me” is very common.

What Should I Do If I Feel Like People Are Out There To Get Me?

The first thing you need to do is identify the reason behind such insecure thoughts like everyone is out there to get you. Knowing what is causing the damage or knowing what the problem is, is very important if you want to find a solution.

Understand what’s making you feel this way. The more you understand your problem the better solutions you might be able to come up with. The main issue is your thought process, so that’ll be the first thing you need to change.

However, changing your thought process is not as easy as it may sound. Although you can be mindful of your thoughts and correct them as soon as possible, seek professional help so that you can recover properly.

There are a lot of psychotherapies that can help you with your thought process and the emotional burden that you might be carrying. Cognitive behavior therapy, recreational therapy, art therapies, etc can help you deal with issues like low self-esteem, difficult childhood, mental health conditions, etc.

That’s All Folks!

I hope now you found the answer to “why do I feel like everyone is out to get me?” and found this blog helpful, interesting, and thought-provoking. Do share this blog with your friends and family, especially those who might find it very difficult to trust the world and doubt everyone’s intentions.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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