Sharing isn’t something new and has always been and continues to be a fundamental aspect of human existence since humans are social animals who have always thrived on social interactions, cooperation, and group living & Good News On Social Media. Fostering a feeling of community promotes mutual respect and trust among people and establishes and maintains the links between these social creatures. 

And why not?

That is, after all, a part of human nature.

Keep sharing the good news; we have not yet exhausted the number of God’s elect.- said Kevin DeYoung

Well, he is so right. After all, who doesn’t like hearing something good? 

Whenever we encounter something positive, be it in a book, movie or series, or some other people’s good news, we feel the same sense of positivity. According to research, sharing good news promotes the activation of positive emotions, more restful sleep, clearer communication, and better emotional support while allowing to get something good out of it.  

It has a ripple effect on others, as our positive experiences may inspire or uplift them, leading to a more optimistic and supportive social environment. So, consider yourself to be in a position of immense influence since you have the ability to invest greatly in others’ joy, fulfilment, happiness, and gratification while also significantly reducing their stress.

On the other side, studies show that the steady stream of bad news has a negative impact on our mental health and can cause us to feel hopeless or depressed. An illustration of it is Covid 19, which has been a steady stream of unsettling headlines for people.

Also, exposure to bad news encourages the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which feeds the growth of negative emotions like melancholy, anxiety, stress, tension, fatigue, and discomfort. However, sharing negative news can also be an opportunity to seek others’ support and comfort, ultimately leading to growth and resilience. 

The Impact Of Sharing Good News On Social Media On Mind 

Social media has become a new norm, radically transforming the way we seek the world. Undoubtedly, we have changed our perspective and access, share, understand, and misunderstand almost everything from the lens of social media.

According to a recent survey, 4.9 billion people, out of 8 billion, use social media. This makes up two-thirds of internet users. A huge number, isn’t it?

So, the question arises, why should people share their good news on social media, and how does it impact their mental health?

The dynamic information-sharing environment has transformed how people share their achievements, milestones, and positive experiences with a wide network of friends on good news on social media, family, and acquaintances. The positive comments, encouragement, and support from others heighten feelings of approval, pride, belonging, and happiness while positively impacting mental health.

Yet, the constant demand for approval and affirmation via social media results in self-doubt, outside approval, and even addiction, all stifling pleasant emotions.

So, be mindful of your social media practices and keep on spreading good in the world.

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