In comments after a recent post on rxISK, POGO mentioned that Josef Witt-Doerring has done two interviews with me so far and posted them on his site.

The Risks of Antidepressants 


Antidepressants and Mass Shootings/Murder Suicide:

An interview has also appeared on Demystifying Science podcast with  Anastasia & Michael Shilo

The Podcast called Headless Horsemen is in the link here.

And a YouTube version Hidden Toll of Health features here.


POGO also mentioned that its important to subscribe to YouTube channels – like Josef’s and perhaps also David Healy.

Subscribing doesn’t mean paying money.  It just means follow.  And the more followers a channel has the more likely it is to register with Google.

There will be three new videos on David Healy in the next few weeks, the first of which will be Relationship Based Medicine – a link to which will feature on later in the week.



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